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Yellowstone Solar Energy System Powered By 208 Camry Hybrid Batteries

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Yellowstone Solar Energy System Powered By 208 Camry Hybrid Batteries

208 used Camry Hybrid batteries power the Lamar Buffalo Ranch’s solar realy

The Lamar Buffalo Ranch in Yellowstone National Park is not only where the buffalo roam, but it’s also now home to an exciting new distributed energy system. The culmination of a year-long, multi group project, the zero-emission energy system relies on solar power generation and energy generated from 208 batteries formerly found in Toyota Camry Hybrid vehicles.

The project to provide emissions-free energy was originally conceived in June 2014 by Toyota, Indy Power Systems, Sharp USA SolarWorld, Patriot Solar, National Park Service, and Yellowstone National Park Foundation. The system draws in renewable electricity through solar panels place on the park’s ranger station and education center, which is then stored in the 208 Camry Hybrid batteries.


“Through our long-standing partnership with Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone Park Foundation, Toyota has helped preserve Yellowstone for future generations,” said Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America. “Today, our relationship with Yellowstone continues, as more than 200 battery packs that once powered Toyota Camry hybrids have found a new home on the range.”

The Camry Hybrid-battery-powered solar system allows the Lamar Buffalo Ranch to generate enough electricity to power six average US households for a full year. Yellowstone intends to integrate onsite micro-hydro turbo systems in 2016 to further remove itself from the grid.