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You’ll Never Believe How Much You Can Fit Inside a MINI Cooper

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What do you get when you put four men and four dead deer inside a two-door MINI Cooper?

This is no joke… this is actually what deputies in Florida found last weekend. Apparently, four men spent the entire night drinking and generally having a good time, and then decided to go on a late-night joy ride at 3am and illegally shoot some deer. You know, because that’s what you do in Florida.

dead deer MINI Cooper

Four men and four dead deer somehow fit inside a MINI Cooper

After their beer/hunting frenzy, the men passed out inside the MINI, waking up the next morning to find the curious deputies peering inside to see what was going on. In addition to the dead deer, the police also found marijuana in the car, which was not a surprise at that point.

Neighbor, Alicia Diggs, commented that she would have chosen a truck rather than a MINI Cooper if she were going to go out hunting at 3am, which only seems like common sense.

This leads me to beg the question: if you can fit four grown men and four dead deer inside a MINI Cooper, what else could you fit? Any thoughts?

News and Photo Source: ABC7 Chicago