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YouTuber and Car-Enthusiast Doug DeMuro Celebrates 1 Million Subscribers: Top Video Moments

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Doug DeMuro is well-known for his columns on Autotrader as well as his often viral car review videos on YouTube. Doug travels the United States, checking out viewers’ cars to review them and give them a quick test drive.

Recently, Doug hit the 1 million subscriber mark on YouTube, a huge milestone for any creator. To celebrate the accomplishment, Doug decided to dive back into some of his most memorable moments on YouTube. Here are a few of our favorite moments from his highlight reel.

For more of Doug’s videos, check out his YouTube channel: Doug DeMuro.

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Video Highlights from Doug DeMuro’s First 1 Million Subscribers

Picking Up Women in a Ferrari

In this popular viral video, posted in 2014, Doug decided to prove a point. Many people out there think that women are undeniably attracted to sports cars – that they’ll just drop everything and flock over to a cute guy in a Ferrari, which is a shallow and sexist assumption; hence Doug’s attempt to disprove this theory.

He parked his Ferrari on a busy street as dozens of women simply ignored the vehicle. Doug admits that as a Ferrari owner, having a fancy sports car is more likely to attract male car-enthusiasts than it is to attract women. Although, he did make a joke at the end of the video (admittedly staged) that there is an exception to the rule – if you have a puppy in the front seat.


Nearly Crashing a Hellcat

Last June, Doug was invited to test visit one of his viewers, and a fellow YouTuber, and test drive a 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat. During the drive, they experienced a terrifying moment. Doug forgot it was still in track mode and he pressed down on the accelerator, hard. The pavement was wet and slippery, and the car began to spin out on a thin, tree-lined road. Luckily, he regained control quickly.

Doug admits now that this incident prompted him to obtain additional insurance policies to cover the vehicles he test drives during his videos. Probably not a bad idea.


Doug Insults the Tesla Model X

Okay, so if you actually watch the full video, called “Here’s Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car,” you’ll pick up pretty quickly on Doug’s sarcasm. In the video, Doug addresses all of the rumors and baseless criticisms that the Tesla Model X faces.

For example, many people make fun of the Model X’s falcon-wing doors, claiming they will hit other cars if parked too close or they’ll hit the ceiling in low-rise parking garages. Doug disproves all of these claims, and ends the video by explaining that while it may be overhyped, the Tesla Model X is actually a pretty cool car.


Running Over an Audi with a Land Rover

To be honest, there were a handful of editors on our staff that got a kick out of this one. After acquiring two out-of-commission vehicles (an Audi Allroad and a Kia Spectra), Doug decided that simply towing them off to the junkyard wouldn’t be as fun as, say, running them over with his Land Rover Defender.

First, he and his buddies decided to have a contest: who could create the largest dent in the side of the car with a sledgehammer? They also attached tow straps to several places on the vehicle “just to see what would happen,” including the steering wheel and door panels (spoiler alert: they accidentally flipped the car). The rest? Well, you’d probably have to see it to believe it.


Ice Skating in an Aston Martin

In another video, Doug took his Aston Martin out in the snow to show its inability to adapt to winter weather conditions. But many of his viewers argued that because he had summer tires on his car, the video was a bit misleading. So, after being contacted by a tire manufacturing company, and being given free heavy-duty studded snow tires, Doug took his winter-equipped-and-ready Aston Martin to the cold state of Vermont in February to prove a point to his viewers. However, when they got to Vermont, there wasn’t any snow. So, Doug had to improvise.

Doug drove his Aston Martin on a frozen lake, essentially using it as a four-wheeled ice skate. At The News Wheel, we would’ve been terrified of the ice cracking, falling into the lake, and drowning (or freezing to death), but to each his own. A Vermont native in Doug’s video claims you only need about 8 inches of ice on the surface to safely drive on the lake, but it still seems a bit risky. Either way, it was definitely a memorable moment.


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See the full highlight video from Doug DeMuro’s channel here: