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Choosing the Best Tires Sealant for Your Needs

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If you spend a lot of time on the road, you’re bound to get a flat tire eventually. If your vehicle’s tires have a small puncture inflicted by a rock, a nail, or some other random bit of debris, tire sealant can give you a temporary fix. Here’s a look at some of the most trusted tires sealant you can buy, based on your needs.

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For short-term repair of passenger vehicle tires

Few things can bring a road trip, errand, or commute to a shrieking halt like a flat tire, so consider keeping a can of Fix-a-Flat handy. It’s a time-tested standby for quick emergency repairs. It can mend punctures up to a quarter-inch in the tread. Once you’ve applied Fix-a-Flat, the product makers say you shouldn’t drive on it for longer than three days or 100 miles. Either way, that gives you plenty of time to have your vehicle serviced by a professional.

For trailers, RVs, outdoor power equipment, and outdoor motorsport vehicles

If it’s got tires, and it’s not a passenger car, truck, or SUV, you should reach for Mutli Seal Tire Sealant with Kevlar. This product both prevents flats and seals leaks, so it’s a good idea to preemptively apply it to your vehicle’s tires. Plus, it can mend punctures up to a half-inch in the tread.

It’s formulated with Kevlar fibers to give your vehicle’s tires extra durability. You can choose from three specialized variants. Coat the tires of your ATV, dirt bike, golf cart, or offroad vehicle with the Sportsman version. Bring along a bottle of the RV and Trailer formulation the next time you haul your travel trailer, boat trailer, horse trailer, toy hauler, cargo trailer, or utility trailer. If you’re at the jobsite or doing some weekend yard work, keep things rolling by safeguarding the tires on your riding mower, snow blower, tractor, or wheelbarrow with the sealant engineered for outdoor power equipment.

Tire sealants aren’t meant to be a long-term solution. If your vehicle has a damaged tire, a sealant can buy you enough time to get a replacement or bring your vehicle in for repairs.

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