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Havemans Complete 1,500-Mile Nissan LEAF Road Trip

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Nissan LEAF Road Trip

The Nissan LEAF road trip is now complete
Photo: Tyrel Haveman

Tyrel and Trish Haveman of Bellingham, Washington completed their 1,500-mile road trip in a Nissan LEAF this past weekend, making the long haul down to the California-Oregon border and back. So just how well did everything go? Let’s take a look.

Despite a few minor tweaks to the route, and having to cut the trip short a few days to accommodate for a wicked stomach virus, the couple and their all-electric LEAF were able to successfully traverse 1,508 miles of American soil without utilizing a single drop of petrol.

Nissan LEAF Road Trip routeOver the course of the trip, the couple stopped at 30 different chargers a total of 48 times, amounting to one charge for about every 30 miles traveled. Tyrel Haveman notes that the LEAF never once dipped below 29% battery power, and that the vast majority of charging stops were quite brief.

In using 325.7 kWh, the Havemans paid a paltry $25.71 between their $19.99 subscription to the West Coast Electric Highway, $0.89 for a Level 2 charge, and $4.83 for a quick stop at a Blink Network charger. This averages out to a cost of 1.7 cents per mile traveled on electric power. In contrast, a gas-powered car with 30 mpg efficiency filling up at an assumed cost of $4.00/gallon would have run the Havemans around $200 for a 1,508 mile trip, which is about $0.13 per mile.

We’ll be eager to see how plans develop for the couple’s trip next year. Perhaps they’ll try for 2,000 miles, or maybe they’ll go for the gusto and plot out a 5,000 mile trip. We’d be appreciative of that if only because it means we’ll get to make a bunch of really terrible Proclaimers jokes.

News Source: Doin’ That Green Thing