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An 18-Karat Gold Ford GT Replica Sold at Sotheby’s for $75K

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Gold Ford GT Replica Sotheby's (5)

Someone somewhere in the world — presumably a person who owns at least a 2006 Ford GT if not an all-new Ford GT — was staring at a pile of expendable income they had one day last month and thought, “Hey, you know what would be the absolute best way to use $75,000? Buying an 18-karat gold 1/25 scale 2006 Ford GT replica.” And then they just went out and did it, the madlad or madlass.

The gold Ford GT is a one-of-one piece that was once the property of a descendant of Henry Ford. It was expected to fetch between $30,000-$40,000 on the auction block at Sotheby’s, but when the dust settled, the gavel banged for a final price of $75,000.

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Look at your car. It is a full-sized car. It drives and everything (probably). Did you pay $75,000 for it? No? Then you clearly are not living as high on the hog as whoever paid this much money for what is basically little more than a shiny toy.

But, hey, let’s not suggest that people should have to spend their money any certain way. The gold Ford GT replica does seem pretty neat, after all. According to Sotheby’s, the replica “encourages interaction from the admirer: open the doors, take a peek at the engine, and pop the hood to check out the spare tire compartment. This striking attention to detail is carried throughout the precious vehicle, from the rimmed rubber functional wheels to the Michigan Ford 1 license plate.” Who wouldn’t want a fancy Hot Wheels car? Or a gold-plated toilet? Or a gold-plated bar of gold?

If you’re bummed out that you weren’t able to pick this up for a special someone for the holidays, fear not: $75,000 can buy plenty else that’s far less gaudy and ostentatious — including actual vehicles!

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Photos: Sotheby’s, Via: Ford Authority

Photos: Feast Your Eyes on This Fancy Gold Ford GT Replica

Gold Ford GT Replica Sotheby's (5)