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1947 Buick Super 8 Claims the Top Bid During the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction

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Even the most unexpected models can win big at the Barrett-Jackson auctions
Photo: Barrett-Jackson

The Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction is always full of rare and unique vehicles that automotive enthusiasts can actively bid on. During this year’s auction, a rather unexpected nameplate earned the distinction as the most expensive car auctioned off.

The top-earning model up for bid at the 2019 Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction was a 1947 Buick Super 8 Custom Convertible.

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The classic Buick Super 8 is a valuable model in its own right. Still, this particular Buick Super 8 had some unique features that set it apart.

Under the hood of the car sits a 6.2-liter supercharged GM LSA crate engine. This powertrain produces 580 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque.

That engine isn’t the model’s only distinguishing feature. Other luxurious amenities include a custom Flowmaster exhaust, a four-speed 4L85E automatic transmission, and a lining comprised of nine different leather hides.

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The 1947 Buick Super 8 model also received an extensive restoration. Barrett-Jackson’s CEO, Craig Jackson, said that restored vehicles similar to the Buick Super 8 are some of the best-selling vehicles during the organization’s various auctions.

The winning bid for this model ended up being $412,500. A 2012 Lexus LFA fetched the second-place spot, with a bid of $352,000, while a 2018 McLaren 720S finished with the third-place spot during the auction, with a bid of $324,500.

While $412,500 is a lot of money to part with, the proud owner of the custom Buick Super 8 likely considered the price worth it to own a Buick that is truly one of a kind.  

News Source: Automobile Magazine