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1987 Buick Grand National X “Twins” Fetch $205K in eBay Auction

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1987 Buick Grand National X Twins

In a world of high-end luxury cars and limited-edition supercars, the 1987 Buick Grand National X remains one of the most coveted rare autos to be had. The only thing better than coming across an auction lot that includes a cherry GNX, of course, would be one that offers two, and that’s exactly what was being offered on eBay this month.

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As the past tense indicates, the two 1987 Buick GNXs, known as “Twins,” are no longer for sale. The appeal was great, not just because of the inherent rarity of the Grand National X, but because the two barn-found vehicles boasted consecutive VINs (HP457991 and HP457992) and less than 1,000 miles a piece on the odometers (one with 834 miles and another with 592 miles).

So how much did they sell for? After the dust settled, 227 bids were put forth, and one lucky eBayer came away with the pair of Buick Grand National X’s for the low, low price of $205,699, which is quite good considering that GNXs tend to fetch six figures when sold solo. But, hey, at least local pickup in Oklahoma was free.

The previous owners, Shawn Mathews and William Avila, responded to a forum post written by an individual looking to sell the two rare Buicks for the lump sum of $200K. This barn find was not too good to be true, and the pair quickly scooped up the near-mint “Twins.” Now, the “Twins” move on to a new home together, and the GNX-hungry masses go back to saving up their dimes and hoping for more barn-find magic.

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Source/Photo: eBay