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2.5 Million GM Vehicles Sold Around the World in Second Quarter

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General Motors is reporting that it sold more than 2.5 million GM vehicles globally in quarter 2, which is a half a percent increase for The General. Specifically, year-over-year sales in the United States and in China, arguably the two most important markets for the automaker, shot up 7 and 8 percent respectively.

2.5 Million GM Vehicles Sold Around the World in Second Quarter

2.5 Million GM vehicles were sold around the world in the second quarter of 2014 ©GM

In total, GM moved 2,505,889 vehicles in the second quarter. Over the first half of the year, the automaker sold 4,921,928 models, which marks a 1.4 percent increase over 2013.

Specifically, Chevrolet saw record sales in the Chinese markets in the first half of this year. Additionally, Chevy saw record average transaction prices in both the first half of the year and the second quarter, largely due to the success of the full-size pickups and large SUVs in the North American market.

Cadillac saw an increase in global sales of 14 percent in quarter 2, with a whopping 51 percent increase in China. Buick experienced its best sales ever in 2013, yet still managed to post an 11 percent increase in the second quarter and a 12 percent increase year-to-date.

Opel and Vauxhall sales shot up 3 percent in the second quarter with sales in the entire first half up 4 percent.

“GM did well in the world’s two largest and most profitable vehicle markets and that helped us grow despite very challenging market conditions in parts of South America, Asia and Eastern Europe,” said GM CEO, Mary Barra. “We are investing in our brands around the world to keep our momentum going, and that includes growing Cadillac in China, launching a total of 27 new Opel models between 2014 and 2018 and entering new segments in North America with vehicles like the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.”