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2013 Honda Sales Second-Best in Company History

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American Honda Motor Co. reported the final total of vehicle sales for 2013, and though the press release that relays the information to us is rather dowdy and unremarkable, you can practically feel the high-fiving and roof-raising going on behind the scenes. 2013 Honda sales totaled 1,525,312, good for a 7.2 percent increase overall and the second-best year in the history of the company. Furthermore, 135,255 Honda and Acura vehicles were sold throughout December, improving upon December 2012’s figures by 1.9 percent.

2013 Honda CR-V - 2013 Honda Sales

2013 Honda CR-V

Honda’s core lineup performed extremely well throughout the whole of 2013, but the Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Odyssey were even more impressive in that they ended the year leading their segments in retail sales. The Accord’s sales were up 10.5 percent over 2012 with 366,678 units moved; Civic improved upon 2012’s mark by 5.7 percent with 336,180 units sold; CR-V eclipsed 300,000 units for the first time ever and sold a record-best 28,759 in December; and the Odyssey’s December sales improved 32.7 percent upon last year’s mark on the way to a total of 128,987 units sold in 2013.

“Breaking our December sales record is a great way to finish a near-record year, but perhaps more significantly, the CR-V joins Accord and Civic as the third Honda vehicle to sell more than 300,000 units per year for the first time in our history,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales at American Honda in a statement regarding 2013 Honda sales figures. “In a hotly competitive market, where every manufacturer brought their best products, our core models demonstrated significant growth without having to resort to fleet sales to drive volume as some of our competitors do.”

In addition to Honda Division’s record numbers, Acura posted its best result since 2007 with 165,436 units sold, which is good for a 5.9 percent gain over 2012. The Acura RDX posted monthly bests for 20 straight months and ended up improving upon 2012’s sales total by 51.6 percent; the MDX enjoyed its best sales month in history with a 29 percent December increase; and the RLX continued its impressive growth since launching in Spring with total year-to-date sales of 5,053.