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2014 GMC Sierra Safety Alert Seat has Real Buzz

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2014 GMC Sierra Safety Alert Seat

When you’re backing into a parking space, sometimes rearview mirrors and cameras just aren’t enough to keep your parking lot excursion accident free. Shopping carts that seem to come from nowhere, pedestrians talking on phones, not paying attention, and random light posts can all come out of nowhere, no matter how much you check your blind spots. No one is immune, and it can happen to the best of us. This is where the Safety Alert Seat seen in the 2014 GMC Sierra comes in.

Set to vibrate your seat when there’s an object close to your car, the Safety Alert Seat has a message you can’t miss. Attempting to change lanes when a car is hiding unbeknownst to you in your blind spot? The vibration of your seat will definitely help you notice the sneaky little SmartCar you missed completely.

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Much more noticeable than a blind spot monitor light, especially in heavy traffic, the Safety Alert Seat is sure to make a buzz in the car industry. What do you think about this new safety technology? Share your thoughts below!