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2014 Regal’s All-Weather All-Wheel-Drive Perfect for Snowbound Driving

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2014 Regal’s All-Weather All-Wheel-Drive

The weather in most parts of the country has begun its slow return to some semblance of normal, and a number of areas across the United States actually experienced temperatures in the fifties and sixties this past weekend. Of course, with the horror of winter nearly behind us at last, Buick has now taken the opportunity to remind us of the 2014 Regal’s all-weather all-wheel-drive.

Of course, the entire point—as indicated in the name—of the all-weather all-wheel-drive system is to help the 2014 Regal perform matchlessly in any condition. It just so happens that the emphasis seems to be something to the effect of oh yeah, this thing can totally drive in snow, you guys.

Buick’s on-demand automatic AWD system allows for power distribution from front to rear and side to side, allowing the Regal to shift torque to the wheels as needed, making the Regal a breeze to control in emergency maneuvering situations.

“With power going to all four wheels and the ability to transfer power to the wheel with the most grip, we’ve helped enable the driver to have maximum control on all surfaces,” said James Walter, Regal AWD engineer, in a press release. “This system is constantly monitoring several inputs and anticipating action. It can be very beneficial in keeping the rear of the car balanced during an emergency maneuver.”

Of course, that’s all well and good, but given the 2014 Regal’s all-weather all-wheel-drive system’s snow-driving prowess, we’d offer a friendly reminder to the folks at Buick ahead of next year: why not remind us of that again in, say, October?