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Kelley Blue Book Calls 2014 Toyota Prius One of ’10 Best Green Cars for 2014′

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Kelley Blue Book Calls 2014 Toyota Prius One of '10 Best Green Cars for 2014'

2014 Prius is among 10 Best Green Cars for 2014

Another Earth Day has just come and gone, and we think that means it’s the perfect time to point out that Kelley Blue Book recently named the 2014 Toyota Prius one of their ‘10 Best Green Cars for 2014’. Hybrid and electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and with many drivers making concern for the environment a priority, it’s no wonder a practical and environmentally-friendly car like the Prius would make the cut.

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In determining the top 10 green cars for this year, Kelley Blue Book editors compiled a list of the most efficient vehicles on the market and decided on 10 standouts and included a variety of price ranges and powertrains.

The list also takes into account production methods and recyclability, and includes vehicles appropriate for varying lifestyles.Toyota offers several different Prius models along with hybrid versions of the Camry, Highlander, and Avalon, making it the world-leader in hybrid models offered and total sales.

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