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2015 Corvette PDR Wins Best Automotive Electronics Product CES Award

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2015 Corvette Stingray - Performance Data Recorder

On Friday, Engadget  announced the winners of their Best of CES 2014 Award. While the best of the best, none too surprisingly, was the ridiculously awesome Oculus “Crystal Cove” prototype, special mention should be made of the Best Automotive Electronics Product CES had to offer: the Corvette Performance Data Recorder.

The PDR wowed with its ability to let 2015 Corvette Stingray drivers record video of their driving performances with customizable telemetry overlays and then use that data to improve their skills. Engadget Senior Editor Michael Gorman was more than impressed with the PDR’s ability to turn real life racing into something in keeping with a video game.

“The original Corvette Stingray is a legendary car, revered for its stunning (if aerodynamically dangerous) design. After a long hiatus, Chevrolet has once again begun building Stingray Corvettes, and the 2015 model (though still a looker) may be legendary for a whole new reason: the Performance Data Recorder (PDR),” said Gorman. “For track day aficionados, the PDR is the holy grail, a way to both record video of their racing exploits and have their driving telemetry overlaid on top of it. We’re talking the kind of experience that was previously reserved only for pro racing drivers and those playing video games like Forza or Gran Turismo.”

The Corvette Performance Data Recorder earned the Best Automotive Electronics Product CES award by beating out BMW’s self-driving ActiveAssist, Hyundai’s next-generation of Blue Link, and the compact and powerful Cobra JumPack (which lets you jump your car with a book-sized powerpack that even has a USB port for phone charging).