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2015 Kia K900 Tech and Safety Brings Modern Luxury

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Kia's K900 tech and safety has lots to offer today's consumers.

The K900 is set to redefine luxury sedan safety and technology this spring.

As part of Kia’s celebration of its 20th year on the American market, the 2015 Kia K900 proves just what the carmaker is capable of, redefining the entire brand and turning the luxury sedan segment on its head. A long, laundry list of standard technology and safety features that blow other luxury sedans out of the water come together to create a modern car that anyone would love, making it difficult not to fall in love with the K900.

An easily accessible layout and intuitive controls fulfill the basic need to understand how to actually work the technology. A beautiful full-color LED screen that comes in just over a foot lets you know which drive mode you’re in with different color-themes. Kia’s first Head-Up Display, which comes with the Technology and the VIP packages, makes sure that the driver never has to take his eyes off the road, providing him with important information with a height-adjustable display that seemingly floats over the front of the windshield.

Specific technologies included in the Kia K900’s set up range from the Blind Spot Detection system and Lane Departure Warning system to Bluetooth hands free accessibility and SiriusXM satellite radio. Standard rearview cameras and both front and rear parking sensors come standard on every model. The VIP Package also offers the new Surround View Monitor system, which allows the driver to see around the entire car thanks to four wide-angle mini-cameras at the front and rear.

With the plethora of K900 tech and safety features standard for the brand’s first foray into the world of luxury (and now fully viewable via the newly-launched K900 configurator), we here at The News Wheel (who spent some up-close-and-personal time with the K900 at CAS) feel that it might just have what Kia needs to redefine its brand image and make a run at the big boys in the segment.

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