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2015 Toyota Sleeper Camry Takes SEMA by Storm

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If you haven’t already heard, today marks the first day of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and automakers have been revealing the most awesome of vehicles all day. Toyota has remained rather quiet, apart from previewing its main SEMA vehicles last week, and showing off a tailgating Tundra earlier today, but in the last couple of hours, word has leaked that a 2015 Toyota Sleeper Camry has made a surprise appearance at the annual show.

2015 Toyota Sleeper Camry

2015 Toyota Sleeper Camry

Unless you’re familiar with drag racing, you might not be familiar with the term “sleeper car.” Nope, it’s not a car that changes magically into a tent or RV. A sleeper car is a vehicle which looks like any other at first glance, but it hiding enough power and capability underneath its innocent-looking exterior to knock the socks off its competitors.

At the SEMA Show, emcee Rutledge Wood lifted the innocuous-looking Camry’s body to reveal what was lurking underneath: a majorly souped-up dragster boasting an incredible 850 horsepower—more than enough juice to leave other drag racers in the dust.

“This is the most extreme build we’ve ever unveiled at SEMA,” Toyota Engagement Marketing and Motorsports National Manager Steve Appelbaum commented. “The transformation from seemingly stock Camry to full-blown racecar just shocks the senses. Chuck Wade and the team at Motorsports Technical Center did a truly spectacular job executing the vision of this project.”

Gallery: 2015 Toyota Sleeper Camry

The 2015 Toyota Sleeper Camry features the following:

  • Magnuson Products
  • IPT Performance Transmissions
  • Plumbing: Goodridge Fluid Transfer Systems
  • TRD
  • Magnaflow
  • Autometer Digital Dash
  • Impact Racing safety harness
  • Battery: Optima Yellow Top
  • Goodyear tires
  • Nitrous Supply
  • Seat: Fast Ed’s Interiors
  • The Polishing Shop
  • Forged pistons and connecting rods
  • Suspension: Strut front and 4-link live rear axle