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2015 Transit Uses a Five-Row Side-Curtain Airbag

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If you have a vehicle that seats fifteen, you need to get a bit creative when it comes to ensuring everyone’s safety. For the 2015 Transit wagon, Ford engineered the industry’s first five-row side-curtain airbag. Is it big?

five-row side-curtain airbagYeah, it’s mighty big.

“The Transit wagon’s five-row side-curtain airbag is a great technological innovation that allows us to provide a high level of protection to multiple passengers in one of Ford’s largest vehicles,” said Sean West, Ford restraints manager. “We are proud to build on our safety leadership.”

The five-row side-curtain airbag clocks in at nearly 15 feet long and three feet tall and has a volume of 120 liters. When compared to the side-curtain airbag of a Ford Fusion, it’s a full foot taller, twice as long, and has three times more volume.

five-row side-curtain airbagThe Transit’s five-row side-curtain airbag was developed in conjunction with TRW Automotive and comes standard on the 2015 Transit wagon. Other standard safety features include AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™ and SOS Post-Crash Alert System™.

The massive airbag is part of Ford’s Safety Canopy system, which seeks to minimize the possibility of injury in the event of a rollover accident.