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2016 Honda Civic Coupe Completes the Crowd-Sourced “Civic Dream Track”

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A 2016 Honda Civic coupe takes on the pinball portion of the #CivicDreamTrack

A 2016 Honda Civic coupe takes on the pinball portion of the #CivicDreamTrack

Last month, as Honda kicked off its marketing campaign for the all-new 2016 Honda Civic coupe, the automaker announced that part of its promotion for the vehicle would include building the world’s very first crowd-sourced stunt track.

Dubbed the “Civic Dream Track,” Honda said that the raceway would feature obstacles and components suggested by the brand’s social media fans. Facebook and Twitter users were supposed to tag their suggestions for the stunt track with the hashtag #CivicDreamTrack, and Honda promised to give a “shout-out” to those whose ideas made it into the final track design.

Before unveiling the Civic Dream Track in all of its glory, Honda whetted our appetites with a few tantalizingly short 15-second teaser videos. The first one was an ominous video that showed us a coupe speeding towards a dinosaur piñata, as well as an image of the messy aftermath, but no glimpse at the collision itself:

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The next teaser video was a bit more revealing, showing off some giant bowling pins and a massive pinball machine layout:

At this point, the stage had been officially set for some serious awesomeness. So finally, this week, Honda let us see the entirety of the #CivicDreamTrack, as stunt driver Matt Powers completed the course in a series of Civic coupes.


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There’s a lot to like about this video. Not only do we get to see the long-awaited destruction of the glitter-filled dino-piñata and the toppling of the inflatable bowling pins, but the track also includes a paint-by-numbers sequence involving a baby duck and doughnut cannons that pelted the Civic with pastries (strangely, though, not while the car was doing donuts).

And, of course, the Twitter and Facebook users who suggested all of the mayhem got the recognition they deserved in the video.

So there you have it, folks—the 2016 Honda Civic coupe, the perfect car for all your daily tasks, whether you’re a baby duck painter or a human bowling ball.