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2016 Toyota Tacoma Pricing Information Leaked

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2016 Toyota Tacoma pricing

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota hasn’t officially come out with pricing information for the upcoming 2016 Tacoma yet, but luckily for us, some documents recently appeared on the Tacoma World forums showing what appears to be a complete pricing and configuration list for the redesigned pickup. It looks like, when the truck makes its appearance, it’ll be available starting at $22,200 for the Tacoma Access Cab with the four-cylinder engine.

Some of the main changes for the 2016 Tacoma seem to be the disappearance of the single cab, as well as no two-wheel-drive manual options. The manual transmission should still be available on the four-wheel-drive trucks, though. Also, fewer variants will be available—the document explains that this change was made in order to make the production line more efficient, and therefore build more Tacomas.

The TRD line seems like it will be different as well. Rather than the TRD Pro model we’re used to seeing, the document lists both a TRD Sport and a TRD Off-Road. Also, the TRD models are not the most expensive listed. Instead, the Limited takes the prize, at $36,300 MSRP.

These prices are subject to change, but as Jalopnik notes, the documents appear to be legitimate, so hopefully these prices will remain intact when the new Tacoma hits dealership lots later this year.

Check out the documents for yourself:

   2016 Toyota Tacoma Full Price List

Via: Jalopnik