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2020 Goal Set for 10 Autonomous Renault-Nissan Vehicles

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Nissan Autonomous Drive

Nissan has been promising for a while now that it would have autonomous cars on the road by 2020. When you first hear that announcement, you assume that the automaker means one self-driving model. Well, it turns out that management was thinking more along the lines of ten vehicles. That’s right, in four years Renault-Nissan wants to have 10 self-driving cars navigating roads around the world.

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2020 seems to be the year that many automakers are aiming for when it comes to autonomous technology, with Toyota and Lexus aiming to have their own car on the road by that year as well. Renault-Nissan already has a plan for rolling out the technology behind self-driving cars slowly, and it looks as if it is already in motion.

At the Renault-Nissan Silicon Valley Innovation Tour earlier this month, the company explained that the first step towards mass produced self-driving cars starts in 2016 with the introduction of “single-lane control” systems that makes a car able to drive itself on the highway (and any stop-and-go traffic they might encounter on the way). If everything stays on schedule, in 2018 consumers will be able to purchase vehicles equipped with “multiple-lane control”, which allows the cars to change lanes on the highway and bypass obstacles. Finally, in 2020, Renault-Nissan vehicles will be able to cruise on city streets and navigate through intersections safely.

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Are you ready to let your vehicle drive, or will you stick to steering it yourself? Nissan and other automakers are working hard to perfect autonomous technology so that they can eliminate the danger of human error on our roadways.