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21st Digital Dealer Conference & Expo Teaches Dealers How to Use Tech to Their Advantage

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The Digital Dealer Conference & Expo will help dealerships better understand how to use digital marketing to their advantage

It’s no secret that digital marketing is quickly becoming the go-to marketing strategy for businesses around the world—so it should come as no surprise that the automotive industry is making an effort to incorporate more technology into its business side.

That’s where the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo comes in. Every year for the past 21 years, this conference has invited businessmen and women from dealerships around the country to learn how to best use the internet and technology to turn a profit. And this year is no different.

The Digital Dealer Conference is set to happen from August 8th to August 10th in Las Vegas. With over 100 sessions to choose from, dealers are sure to walk away with a wealth of knowledge that will enhance their understanding of the digital world. While digital marketing is the main focus of this conference, other topics that will be discussed is the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reputation management, the use of mobile technology, and social media advertising.

And dealers won’t just be learning about this new technology from anyone. The conference has asked some of the most premier speakers in the industry to come discuss important topics. For instance, I will join David Villa, President and CEO of IPD, and Matt Lasco, VP and General Manager for Lasco Ford & Lasco Grand Blanc, in teaching dealers how to set the stage for change within their dealership. Other keynote speakers include Erich K. Gail, the COO of Cardinale-Group of Companies, which is the second highest sales volume eDealer in North America, and Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Training Technologies.

We’ve become an increasingly digital society that spends more time on some sort of device, whether it be a cell phone or a computer, than we do with our families. So why shouldn’t dealers take advantage of this? To register for the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, click here.