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5 Celebrities Who Love Watching Motorsports

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Will Smith waves the checkered flag at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

While some celebrities enjoy getting behind the wheel of racecars and zooming down the speedways at maximum speeds, some just like to watch from the stands. From legendary directors to singing sensations to an ‘80s heartthrob, here are five celebs who love watching motorsports.

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Will Smith

When he’s not posting fan art on Instagram or doing ridiculous things with James Corden, you might catch Will Smith at an F1 race. In November 2018, the Fresh Prince went to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to watch his pal Lewis Hamilton take the top podium spot. He even did a photo/video shoot for Variety with Hamilton before the race, which was filmed by none other than Transformers director Michael Bay. The whole event was very meaningful for Smith, as it allowed him to bond with his son Trey, who was also in attendance, with which he has had a tumultuous relationship over the years.

Geri Horner

You might know Geri Horner by a couple other names: Geri Halliwell or perhaps Ginger Spice. After temporarily leaving the Spice Girls, the singer married Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner. And it was no coincidence that she married Horner, as Geri has had an interest in cars her whole life. When she’s not touring the UK with the Spice Girls or filming a variety of television shows, Geri is right there at each F1 race, cheering on her husband and his team.

Cameron Diaz

What’s Cameron Diaz been up to lately? Well, when she’s not working with the non-profit organization Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, she might be at an F1 race. The former actress is a big fan of racing and has been spotted at many races, including the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and the Prince of Monaco. Diaz also appeared on an episode of Top Gear with fellow gearhead and Knight and Day co-star Tom Cruise, where she drove in the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment.

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George Lucas

Long before the days of Star Wars or Indiana Jones, George Lucas had dreams of being a professional racecar driver. Thankfully for millions of nerds and film fans, he met cinematographer Haskell Wexler and garnered a more passionate interest in film. But during his younger days, Lucas spent time racing at fairgrounds until he flipped his vehicle in 1962 and almost died as a result. That’s when his interest went from racing to solely watching. Today, you can sometimes spot Lucas at major F1 races across the globe.

David Hasselhoff

Before running in slow motion on Baywatch, David Hasselhoff got his big break on the show Knight Rider, where he played a field agent given a smart car called KITT. Something about being behind the wheel of KITT so much must have created a spark in Hasselhoff, who is now a huge fan of F1. The actor (and sometimes singer) has attended quite a few Formula One races, including in Italy and Monaco, and has shown public support for many drivers.