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5 Methods of Getting Rid of an Old Car

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There are many factors that contribute to you getting rid of your old car. Maybe you have a new vehicle, or maybe the price of scrap aluminium is high and you want to take advantage. However, before getting rid of an old car, it is a good idea to examine all your options. Otherwise, you might overlook a good solution for your needs.

Some of the options you might wish to consider include:

  • Having your car recycled
  • Giving your car to someone to fix
  • Selling your car for parts
  • Giving the car to charity
  • Selling used if still operable

selling car for partsRecycling Your Car

If your car no longer runs, recycling can be a great option. It is environmentally friendly, too. A car that seems like rubbish otherwise may offer a decent aluminium scrap price. However, you will want to use some common-sense measures to help protect you from dodgy people who may not have your best intentions at heart.

For example, getting cash for a junk car is illegal in some areas. Also, because disposing of a car can have environmental consequences, you want to make sure whoever disposes of the car uses legal and ethical means to do so. Avoid people who are vague about their licensing or methods.

Recycle | Give It Away | Sell the Parts | Donate | Sell


getting rid of old carLetting Someone Take Your Car

If you have a mechanically-inclined friend or family member, they can provide you with a good way to get rid of an unwanted car. Many people who like to fix up older cars will gladly accept such a car. Giving away a non-working car is a good way to get it out of your driveway.

Make sure you follow all the necessary regulations about transferring its ownership. You wouldn’t want to have the recipient do something careless and have you be considered responsible. A lawyer can help guide you through the process if necessary.

Recycle | Give It Away | Sell the Parts | Donate | Sell


selling you car for spare parts
Selling It for Spares

Many car owners sell their car’s working parts for spares. Some cars have parts that are difficult to find. If your car features these high-demand parts, you may find buyers fairly easily.

However, in addition to having to remove the parts, you’ll need to think about storing them and accommodating differing schedules for would-be buyers. Think carefully about whether this option fits your needs before pulling out all the parts.

Recycle | Give It Away | Sell the Parts | Donate | Sell


selling your used carSelling Your Car

If you’re not using your car, but it is still driveable, selling it might be an option worth considering. Many people need an inexpensive car, and might not mind an older vehicle. Should your car still pass inspection, selling might be a worthwhile option.

Check with used car sites to gain a good idea of what your car is worth. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results–you might even end up with enough money from the sale to help treat yourself to something nice.

Always look at the different options carefully, because you never know which one might be the best. An open mind will go a long way in making a decision.

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Recycle | Give It Away | Sell the Parts | Donate | Sell