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5,000 Dealer Orders Already In For Buick Cascada

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Dealers have place more than 5,000 orders so far for the 2016 Buick Cascada

2016 Buick Cascada
Photo: © General Motors

The Buick Cascada debuted at the Detroit Auto Show this year, and the convertible is a definite change from the usual offerings from Buick. It is built on the base of an existing Opel convertible, instead of just being a normal Buick with a convertible roof added on. The brand had been hinting at a convertible for years, and the 2016 Buick Cascada will be hitting the market this spring (come on, you wouldn’t launch a convertible in the winter).

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We’re pretty excited to see something so different coming from Buick, and it seems as if the market is also excited. Even though there is no firm release date for the Cascada, over 5,000 dealer orders have already been placed, as confirmed by Vice President of Buick-GMC Duncan Aldred at the LA Auto Show.

To be fair, a dealer order is not always directly tied to a customer sale, so we’re not telling anyone to get champagne bottles ready. This high number of dealer orders for a car that has a more specific customer target than a standard sedan, though, looks hopeful. Dealers wouldn’t be jumping in to order a car they weren’t at least somewhat sure their customers would want to buy.

For more information about what we know about the Buick Cascada’s pricing and trim levels, check out our original story.

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News Source: GM Authority