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5th Annual Car-Free Challenge Dares Citizens of Little Rock to Walk, Carpool, or Ride a Bus

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Health and environmental benefits are the expected results of the 5th annual Car Free Challenge in Little Rock, Arkansas

The mayor of of Little Rock has challenged citizens to put away their cars for one week
Photo: Khánh Hmoong

Have you ever wanted to sit down for lunch with the mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, Mark Stodola? If you answered yes, then there’s great news for you since that’s the grand prize of the 5th Annual Car Free Challenge.

The 5th Annual Car Free Challenge was designed to spread awareness of the positive effects that parking your car for one week has on both the environment and your own personal health. Additionally, this event teaches people about the various modes of transportation available to them in Little Rock, such as carpooling, public transportation, riding a bike, rollerblading, and walking.

“The car-free challenge is vitally important to our community because of the health benefits and the positive environmental impact, both of which help to improve the quality of life for residents,” said Stodola. “By walking, using public transportation, or my favorite activity, biking, we can lead by example on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and strive toward a healthy environment.”

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that carbon emissions could be reduced by two tons per year, if people just left their vehicles at home for two days out of the week.

Earlier this year, the Chinese city of Shanghai placed a ban on private vehicles for a short period of time and also limited factory production. This was done in order to clear skies to help celebrate the Allied Victory of WWII. People were amazed at the clear skies that hovered over the city, which is usually known for its heavily polluted air.

The 5th Annual Car Free Challenge began on October 18th and will last until October 24th.

To become eligible for the chance to win daily prizes or the lunch date with the mayor, which will be at The Captial Hotel’s One Eleven restaurant, you have to post a selfie showing your car free activity via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, along with the #CarFreeLR hashtag.

Video: Little Rock’s Car Free Challenge

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