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7 Legit Ways to Get Free Gas

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Gas PumpGas is one of those inevitable things most car drivers have to deal with. The problem is that gas can be expensive. If only there were better ways for us to get cheap gas — and those ways did not involve doing anything illegal.

But wait! There actually are a few ways in which you can get free gas — and no, it doesn’t involve stealing it. These methods are legit, legal, and will make your wallet thankful that you gave it a break.

Use gas cards

Long live the internet, because now you can get gas cards by just browsing the internet, watching videos, shopping online, and completing surveys. Some of these activities win you points that allow you to buy gift cards — and this includes gas cards. You’ll no longer have to pay for gas cards, since the internet will pay for you.

Advertise on your car

Some venues offer you free gas cards in exchange for advertising their business on your car. The ad can be anything from a door magnet to a full wrap of your vehicle — which is why you need to talk about how much gas each option gets. Some will get you free gas, whereas others can only get you discounts.

Go to “ Free Gas”

There is actually a legit company in the USA called “Free Gas,” which was founded in 2008 — right around the time when the Great Recession began. Its purpose was to provide gasoline for families that were struggling, and it’s still providing gas assistance to this day.

Take surveys

Remembered how we said the internet is wonderful? Some organizations such as Survey Junkie give you points for every completed survey — and you may use those points at the gas station to get free gas.

Use credit card rewards

Many credit cards offer rewards with every purchase that you can use to buy gift cards — and this obviously includes gas cards. Those points are practically won, and you can use them to buy anything, so why not use it to get free gas?

Use travel rebates

If you travel a lot, this option might be suitable for you. Some hotels offer free gift cards to guests that meet certain requirements (e.g. booked a certain room, stayed a particular number of days), which is why you might want to look in any prospective promotions.

Who says gas has to be expensive? If you are smart about it, it can be fairly affordable – or cost you nothing at all.

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