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A More Powerful Dodge Challenger Hellcat Could Be Coming

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2016 Dodge Challenger Front Side View

The next-generation Dodge Challenger could get a lot more power

Despite the fact that rumors have been saying that the Hellcat models won’t return after 2019, Automobile Magazine is speculating that these power-hungry models will be back and better than ever. Whether this is actually true remains to be seen, since Fiat Chrysler has yet to confirm or deny the future of the Hellcats. Hopefully, though, everything that this magazine has said is true—because the next-gen Challenger Hellcat sounds like an absolute beast.

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While technical details are limited at the moment, the magazine has stated that the newest Hellcat engine won’t have the 706 horsepower we’ve come to expect from the muscle car. Instead, it will pack a whopping 750 horsepower.

No, that wasn’t a typo. 750 HORSEPOWER.

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The engine will still have eight cylinders and utilize either a large supercharger or a pair of turbochargers. Either way, it’s going to be a lot of fun to drive.

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Along with more horsepower, Automobile magazine speculates that the next-generation Dodge Challenger—the Hellcat model included—will share a platform with the rear-wheel-drive Alfa Romeo Giulia. This platform, which is also going to be found under the next Journey model, is lighter and smaller than the current model, which will make the Challenger even more fun to drive.

With this type of power and the Challenger’s classic muscle car style, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this powerful vehicle ended up coming out on top over its competition.

News Source: Automobile Magazine