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Interested in reaching the 18 – 35 crowd that craves motorhead news and loves to research before buying? The News Wheel‘s audience could be your key to customer engagement. Contact Cat Hiles at or call 937.485.0663 for more information on advertising with The News Wheel.

The News Wheel Traffic Facts:car blog advertising

The News Wheel is a trusted Google News source. Our experienced team of editors research and report on automotive news stories from around the world, all of which are submitted and displayed in the Google News network to deliver up-to-the-minute updates to an international audience.

  • Average 217K visitors per month
  • Average 675K pageviews per month

Be a part of a leading growth prospect in the news industry. The News Wheel is growing fast, so now is the time to get in on the ground blog advertising

In just the past year:

  • Pageviews are up 45%
  • Sessions are up 36%
  • Pages per session up 7%
  • Alexa U.S. Rank up 17%
  • Alexa Global Rank up 22%

Your Customers are Here

Automotive News Advertising

  • 80% of our visitors each month are already in the market for cars, car accessories, and car repair services. This in-market segment is close to making a decision about what kind of car they will buy
  • 8 out of 10 visitors are men
  • Our audience is the coveted 18 – 35 years of age demographic you are trying to reach


Advertising your Products and Services

Are you an ad network looking to create new revenue for your clients? Are you a brand trying to find your audience? Our top demographic interests include not only automotive, but also celebrity and entertainment news.

At The News Wheel, our writers cover viral topics such as celebrity fender-benders, famous car auctions, and stupid crimes across the country to capture the interest of a broad audience. Contact Cat Hiles at or call 937.485.0663 for more information on advertising your brand on The News Wheel.


Content Marketing Strategies for Car Dealerships

Struggling to bring your dealership to the top of local search results? You have the potential to add SEO to your dealership site as a part of our SEO/Social packages. Our team can add the face of your dealership to the latest automotive news stories, lending your dealership more social interaction online and solid credibility as a trusted source in the automotive industry. We can provide rich car-related content for publication on your site, then relate that content to current stories on The News Wheel, with your dealership representative right on the article.

seo for automotive dealerships

Our links to rich, related content on dealership sites account for over half of our outbound clicks each month.

Only dealerships that work with our network can get the face of their dealership on The News Wheel. If you are a dealership interested in sponsoring articles on The News Wheel, please contact us at

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