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According to Uber’s Lost & Found Index, Southern Riders Are Most Forgetful

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It’s easy to leave behind a personal item, like your glasses, phone, or even your purse, when you’re hustling in and out of an Uber. And, if you’re hitching a ride in the South, you’re in forgetful company. According to Uber’s 2018 Lost & Found Index, it seems Southern Uber riders are more prone to memory lapses and often leave something behind in their Uber rides.

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DuBois, PA, is home to the most forgetful Uber riders, closely trailed by riders in the cities of Athens, GA, and Stillwater, OK.  Riders in Shreveport, LA; Boone, NC; Texarkana, TX; Nacogdoches, TX; Jackson MS; Hattiesburg, MS; and Monroe, LA; round out the top 10, according to Greg Brown, Uber Newsroom Writer.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen phones, wallets, and keys top the list of most commonly forgotten items, with glasses, backpacks, and e-cigs rounding out the top 10. But riders aren’t just leaving the usuals behind —they’re forgetting everything from divorce papers, to jetpacks, to rhinestone masks,” reports Brown.

The Index puts phone, wallet, and keys as the top three most forgotten items. Clothing, glasses, bag, backpack, vape/Ecig, headphones, and driver’s license or ID finish out the top 10.

Some of the more unusual things left behind, according to Brown, include a 1.3 carat diamond, Star Wars Encyclopedia, letter from a boyfriend who is in jail, marriage certificate, flat screen TV, bulletproof vest, butcher knife, a bride’s veil, leaf blower, Nintendo 64, ukulele, and cat carrier.

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“The Index shows you’re most likely to lose something on a Saturday or Sunday —especially between the hours of 10 p.m. – 2 a.m.” Brown writes.

News Source: Uber