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After Six-Month Restoration, “Serial One” Honda N600 Finally Revealed [VIDEO]

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Honda Celebrates Automotive Heritage and History in the U.S. in New Online Series Launching on Social Media

It’s been a long time coming, but the very first Honda automobile built for America has finally been restored to its former glory.

The historic Honda, a 1969 N600 with Vehicle Identification Number 1000001, was painstakingly restored over a six-month period by Los Angeles-based mechanic Tim Mings. Honda documented the process with a 12-episode documentary series, titled “Serial One,” which showed the many steps required to get the rusted, dilapidated N600 back to its factory form.

Since March, viewers have watched as Mings told the story of how he came into possession of the N600, watched him work on the car’s engine and body, give the vehicle a new (but period-appropriate) paint job, and tie up the other various loose ends.

Now, in the twelfth and final episode of the series, fans finally get to see what the finished product looks like. Take a peek:

After half a year spent on restoration, Mings finally gets to show off his work at the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, California. It’s clearly an emotional experience for the auto mechanic, whose parents are shown in attendance at the unveiling ceremony.

The restored Serial One will now go on display at the American Honda Collection Hall in Ohio’s Honda Heritage Center and Museum.

“Throughout the incredible journey of Honda’s Serial One to a complete restoration, fans have been able to witness firsthand how meticulous the process has been to bring the first N600 in America back to its original form,” said Honda social media manager Alicia Jones. “Sharing the restoration process with car enthusiasts and Honda fans everywhere is what this program has been all about.”