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Airbags for Smartphones Because Why Not

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The era of the smartphone has made life so much more convenient—and has likely turned our brains into mush. (How in the world do you read a paper map anyway?) The downside of the smartphone, however, is that dreaded moment when it slips from your fingertips and cascades to the floor. You may have it nestled in a bulky case and may even have a screen protector for extra measure, but sometimes, the shatter of your trusty sidekick is unavoidable. Bye-bye, smartphone.airbags for smartphones

Honda is looking to remedy this with the invention of airbags for smartphones. Yes, really. At first glance, it reminds us of the “invisible bike helmets” that gained viral status a few months back via social media, and the smartphone airbags, which Honda calls Case N, seem to follow the same general principle. The notably bulky (like, really super bulky) Case N activates airbags all around the phone as soon as it is falling, cushioning its fall and keeping the phone from incurring any damage.

Of course, as the case is laughably humongous (to us, it looks like the size of an elephant foot), and as it seems like a one-and-done use type deal, we don’t expect to see any airbags for smartphones in the near future. But perhaps five years from now, or ten, or fifteen, Honda may have perfected the art of safe texting. But will we even use smartphones in fifteen years? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, check out the Case N in action in the video below. (But you may need to brush up on your Japanese just a smidge before doing so.)