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Alan Mulally for President?

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Alan Mulally for President?

Alan Mulally for President? Now there’s an idea

Alan Mulally for President? Perhaps not a far-fetched thought at all.

Mulally spent eight years leading Ford back from the brink, pulling them through the recession that felled every major American competitor and repositioning them as one of the very top brands in the world. Dan Harris from ABC News recently asked Mulally if he had any interest in a position that, similarly, might see him spending eight years repairing and rebuilding another sort of multinational enterprise altogether: President of the United States.

At a forum discussion in Indianapolis on Friday, Harris asked the former Ford president and CEO if he had any plans to run for the office of Commander in Chief.

Mulally’s response:

“I really think it’s important that we all pull together…around a compelling vision for our country and a comprehensive strategy to do it and work together.”

Certainly doesn’t read like a no, does it?

Since retiring from Ford, Mulally has taken a position on Google’s board, and he remains a popular candidate for a number of high profile jobs. When asked what his future holds, Mulally himself said that he doesn’t know what his next steps will be.

In an email sent to The Detroit News Sunday night, Mulally iterated that he’s “honored at the suggestion, but that [PotUS] is not a role I am considering.”

Give it time. Come 2016, we might just be crafting a clever little internet meme around the phrase THANKS, MULALLY.

Source: ABC News, The Detroit News