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Alternate Modes of Transport During the Summer

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Summer is here, which means it’s time to explore the great outdoors. When traveling, many people prefer to use a car. The convenience and cost effectiveness it offers makes it a popular option. But your carbon footprint can be pretty hefty if you solely rely on your car?

Rather than sticking to your car, consider these alternative modes of transportation for you this summer. These options are environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy trying something new in a sustainable way. As you might have guessed, electric is the way to go. Choose from electric cars, electric bikes, trams, electric buses, and even electric skateboards.

Electric cars are still cool

Our first alternative is the electric car. Electric cars are the same as petrol engine cars except for the source of power is not internal combustion but motors. Thanks to Tesla, they are now cool. No one will laugh at you as you cruise around town in one. Though they might be costly compared to petrol-powered to own, you can choose to rent one for a few days to go on road trips. An electric car can do pretty much what a gas-powered car can. Some have even argued that they are easier to drive than gas-powered cars. No gearshifts and only one pedal are needed to be used most of the time.

Magnises Tesla 2015 Test Drive Monmouth Executive Airport Runway
Magnises members raced down the Monmouth Executive Airport runway in Teslas
Photo: Magnises

For those who prefer not to drive around, there are trams and electric buses which you can take around town to gaze outside and enjoy the sites. One major benefit of these mass transit options is the freedom from parking worries. That is why it is preferable to having a car when you are just moving around the town.

Electric bikes

Another transport mode you can give a try this summer is electric biking. An electric bike is a normal bike either modified or custom-made to include an electric transmission system. Parts of the system include a motor and drive belt connected to the rear wheel. An electric bike has the best of everything: no parking worries, it is not mass transit, you can weave in and out of traffic, you can use it in parks and sidewalks, and you get to enjoy the sights and sounds more among others.

Electric skateboarding

For the more adventurous, consider an electric skateboard. This is a skateboard that is driven by an electric motor, which is powered by an on-board battery. You get a remote to control the motion. Enjoy the thrill of skateboarding even if you have not mastered the art properly pushing off since you will have a electric motor to propel you forward!

You need to know basic operations with the remote and how to balance on the board. As with electric bikes, you can use electric skateboards on sidewalks and parks while enjoying the summer breeze.

To properly enjoy summer, give a try to any of the alternatives listed. We recommend you take an electric bike or electric skateboard for a test “drive” before dismissing these options.

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