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American Business Leader Honored with 2018 Oslo Business For Peace Award

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Business For Peace FoundationWe write time and time again here at The News Wheel about how it can be quite difficult as a woman in the automotive industry, whether it’s as a journalist, business leader, or mechanic. One woman, Lori Blaker, has not only succeeded making her mark on the world of cars, but she has taken her experience overseas to help others in need, especially women. Her work caught the attention of Nobel winners in Oslo, earning her one of the three Oslo Business for Peace Awards for 2018.

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Lori Blaker is the President and CEO of TTi Global, a consulting, recruiting, and staffing firm that has big connections to the car world, more than 2,000 employees, and operations on five continents. One of Blaker’s big projects has been the company’s presence in developing nations, most notably Afghanistan and India. In 2016, Blakler and her company opened an auto service and training center in Kabul that allows both male and female students – a rare occurrence in the conservative country. Women are also the primary focus of the general job training center outside of Bangalore, India.  As if all of that wasn’t commendable enough, Blaker also hosted women in her Metamora, Michigan home to live and job shadow to improve their prospects.

When questioned about her commitment to women in the auto industry by The Detroit Free Press, Lori Blaker responded that she feels obligated to watch out for others, especially after her experiences as a woman breaking into the auto industry in the 1980s when there were few women and a high rate of sexism and harassment. It was her rough introduction to the field that has inspired her to help other women enter automotive and other management positions and succeed.

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Lori Blaker and her fellow winners, Martin Naughton, and Edgar Montenegro were selected from a pool of UN nominations by a committee of Nobel Prize laureates in Peace and Economics. Recipients are considered role models in society and business, as well as an advocate for the world around them. Congratulations are in order for all of this year’s recipients.

News Source: The Detroit Free Press, Business for Peace Foundation, and TTi Global