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An Update on the First Honda N600 Restoration Project, “Serial One”

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Honda Celebrates Automotive Heritage and History in the U.S. in New Online Series Launching on Social Media

Way back in mid-March of this year, Honda announced that it was in the process of restoring the very first Honda N600 that found its way to the United States back in 1969. The revitalization of the historic Honda is being led by its owner, Los Angeles-based mechanic Tim Mings, and the car will go on display at the Honda Museum when the project is complete.

Over the last few months, Honda has been fitfully releasing short videos to keep fans updated on the progress of the N600’s restoration. Collectively, the videos make up a documentary series called “Serial One,” named for the fact that the vehicle carries the serial number N600-1000001.

The initial video explains how Mings, the world’s only full-time N600 repairman, came into possession of the crucial N600. Take a look:

First things first, Mings had to remove the car’s engine… after it had been sitting in the vehicle for five decades:

Next things next, it was time to take out some of the dents. That might sound like a boring process, but Honda turned the sound of bodywork into sweet, sweet music:

Yesterday Honda posted the most recent video update, which shows Mings removing the N600’s rather rusty flywheel, which proves particularly challenging:

It looks like the first Honda automobile in the US is in pretty good hands.

Fans can get more photos and information on the Honda N600’s restoration by going to serialone.com.