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And Then There Were 802: BMW M4 GTS Wrecked

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 BMW M4 GTSWhen you purchase a vehicle with a limited production run, you can bet that it will turn heads any time you drive it down the street. Unfortunately, that also means that when you get into trouble, everyone will also take note. According to sources connected to BMW Blog, one of the new BMW M4 GTS vehicles has sustained damage, and the photos make it look as if it might be enough to earn the car a salvage title.

You might recall that the BMW M4 GTS was unveiled in America at last year’s LA Auto Show, and it was slated to become BMW’s first special production vehicle to come to the United States. Its total production run was to be around 700, with 300 of the cars coming to here to be sold. Not only is this car limited, but it also costs a pretty penny, as it holds the honor of being the second most expensive model in BMW’s US lineup.

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When all is said and done, BMW ended up making 803 BMW M4 GTS vehicles, and its production run ended earlier this month. That could make repair parts for this special vehicle hard to find, if the owner or the insurance company have the resources to try and repair the car, which had a starting MSRP of $134,200. Since the pictures of the crashed car come from Instagram, it’s hard to determine the status of the driver, but we hope they are safely recovering from the collision. Other BMW M4 GTS owners should take this accident as a cautionary tale, and to everything they can to ensure that the number of this super car on the road does not drop to 801.

News Source: BMW Blog