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Aspects to Be Aware of with Business Car Insurance

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When it comes to any type of insurance, it’s always important that you fully understand the policy so there are no nasty surprises if you have to make a claim. This is particularly true of business car insurance, which many business people wrongly believe to be exactly the same as regular car insurance. With this in mind, here are three aspects that everybody should be aware of with this type of coverage.


Separate coverage for deliveries/client visits

Many motorists believe that an annual car insurance policy will cover driving at work, but this is not true. Usually, an annual policy will cover your commute to and from work, but not any journeys made during working hours. This means that the business owner must take out business car insurance from a company like Dayinsure for any vehicles that are used for deliveries, client visits, or any other drive for work-related matters.


Splitting the driving during business trips

If your employees regularly have to drive on long work trips, you will be glad to hear that business car insurance enables individuals to split the driving. This can make it easier, fairer, and safer for a group of employees to cover long distances. In addition to this, it is also possible to share different cars and vans so that there is great flexibility (key for modern companies).


Short-term coverage

Many companies in a wide range of industries find that they do not always need to use automobiles for work-related purposes and this is why short-term business car insurance is a good option. This can usually be arranged for just one day up to 28 days and can be quick and easy to arrange whether it’s for a one-off client meeting or a conference that lasts a week. One of the key benefits of short-term coverage is that it’s a standalone policy and, therefore, will not impact any No Claims Discount (NCD) if a claim has to be made.

It is vital that business owners are aware of what their employees are – and are not – covered for when it comes to driving whilst on the job. Typically, any annual policy will cover commuting, so business car insurance must be in place for any other type of journey, even if it’s a nearby client meeting. The above should shed light on the situation and help business get the coverage they need for their employees.

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