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Astoria Sick of Illegally Parking Goonies Tourists

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The Goonies kids

Photo: © Warner Brothers

The residents of Astoria, Oregon, know the city by a number of things, like the Astoria-Megler Bridge, Fort Clatsop, and the Astoria Column. However, across the country, people recognize Astoria for a different reason: the popular 1985 film classic, “The Goonies.” The city is also well aware of the film, especially those who live near the Goonies house in Uppertown, because apparently hundreds of Goonies tourists have been clogging up the streets and parking illegally.

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Astoria recently read an ordinance to jack up fees for people who illegally park in that neighborhood. The new fine is $100.

This new fine is an escalation of efforts to curb illegal parking in the neighborhood. Traffic spiked in the wake of the film’s 30th anniversary in 2015. After that, the city started trying to keep people away. People living on the street made their own signs pleading or ordering tourists to behave and find somewhere else to go, eventually leading to the city putting up official “No Stopping” and “No Parking” signs.

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However, the city described compliance with these as “moderate.” The proposed plan by Astoria Police Chief Geoff Spalding is simply the addition of a new sign, “Enhanced Fine Zone — $100 Fine.”

Residents of Uppertown seem happy about the new fines. City Councilor Bruce Jones, who represents Uppertown, thanked the city for its efforts, adding, “Most fundamentally, it’s a problem of around the world these crazy people think that was a good movie.”

News Source: The Daily Astorian