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Athletic Elegance: Genesis Motors’ New Design Language Unveiled with G90

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Athletic Elegance Genesis Motors' New Design Language Unveiled G90 rendering front

If you want to know what Genesis Motors’ perception of ideal luxury is, look no further than its plans for the G90 sedan. This premium model, named the EQ900 in Korea and being revealed next month, will parade the image of Hyundai’s new high-end brand at the top of the Genesis lineup.

What we can learn from this range-topping pinnacle of Genesis Motors’ “new luxury” is how the other models in the lineup will look. That’s because the Genesis G90 touts the brand’s new design language “Athletic Elegance.”

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Athletic Elegance Genesis Motors' New Design Language Unveiled G90 rendering side

While the rest of Hyundai will continue following its own trademark style of Fluidic Sculpture¬†2.0, Genesis’ flagship G90 and all six subsequent models (arriving by 2020) will be distinguishable by their winged badge and sophisticated design architecture. This approach was tooled by the newly-formed Prestige Design Division to set the Genesis models apart from Hyundai and its competitors.

The design includes a large radiator grille, pointy headlamps, exaggerated proportions, and a body-length character line.

“Genesis’ new large luxury sedan G90 will deliver a concept of ‘New Luxury’ to our customers,” explained Woong-Chul Yang, Head of Hyundai Motor R&D Center and Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor, concerning the new design approach. “The G90 sits at the pinnacle of the Genesis brand and demonstrates how we apply our human-centered values to give our customer true satisfaction in every aspect of the vehicle ownership experience.”

While the elongated front end and proud stance of the G90 in its concept drawing looks impressive, we’ll wait and see what the real model looks like once it’s unveiled.

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