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Audi and TOMS Partner For The Summer

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Audi style in TOMS® form

This might sound like an odd sales proposition: Buy an Audi and take home a pair of TOMS® shoes. This is especially weird when you consider the fact that Audi is a luxury vehicle, and TOMS is an affordable line of shoes popular around the country for comfort and versatility.

If you are unfamiliar with the TOMS brand, the shoes are more than just a fashion statement. For each pair bought, another pair is sent to a needy individual in the developing world or the United States. Wearing ill-fitting shoes is painful, and in places like Africa shoes mean the difference between being able to attend school and having to stay at home.

During the Audi Summer Sales Event that runs through the end of July, Audi and TOMS have partnered together to help children in need. If you buy a new Audi vehicle, you will also be offered an exclusive pair of TOMS shoes called “Alpergata.” The tags of these grey shoes feature the Audi rings, as does the lining material. With Audi’s support, TOMS hopes to donate 55,000 shoes to children in need.

Since 2009, TOMS has donated over one million shoes to children in need in the United States alone. The company works with several partners to send its shoes to people throughout the world. What started as a shoe giving program has also grown to include other essentials, such as eyeglasses.