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Audi Gains 3D Printing Partner

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The 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus groupMore and more automakers are turning to 3D printers for unique car parts and design. Audi is one of the latest to join the crowd, creating a partnership with 3D printing company EOS, which is based in Germany like the automaker. According to the blog 3D Printing Industry, EOS is one of the world’s largest 3D printing companies, so they are more than ready to handle the orders Audi might throw at them.

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Audi’s announcement may make consumers wonder what parts in their car might be made by a 3D printer. Rest easy, because Audi is planning on using EOS’s services for prototypes and equipment and for helping motor sports teams (where Audi already utilizes 3D printing). Other automakers also use 3D printers to recreate classic parts for retro cars in their collection, so it’s not uncommon for these relationships to be used more for unique projects instead of production line use.

Audi and EOS will be creating a shared workspace in Ingolstadt, southern Germany, to make collaboration easier. It’s also the same own where Audi has its main plant (and the second largest car factory in Europe), so it will be a breeze for Audi engineers to communicate with EOS. For those keeping track of what Audi is working on off of the roadway (and out of this world), it is being rumored that this partnership will help Audi develop its Audi Lunar Quattro Rover.

This partnership was announced soon after the German government encouraged more investment in digital technology that could be useful for traditional manufacturing and industry. Maybe we will see more technology being brought to Audi thanks to this directive.

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News Source: 3D Printing Industry