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Audi Repeatedly Teases Upcoming Audi Q8

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Audi Q8 Teaser VideoIf you aren’t satisfied with any of the wide variety of luxury SUVs on the market, Audi is poised to add another one to that list on June 5th. The Audi Q8 will make its big debut in China, and it seems as if the marketing department at the German automaker is very excited due to several teaser videos released online.

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So far there are three videos in the Audi Q8 teaser #Q8Unleashed series, and the series itself had its own trailer. The series inserts the new vehicle into an action film of sorts, with the hero (who owns an Audi Q8) being kidnapped from his swanky metropolitan California apartment and being abandoned in the desert with a dead cell phone. While the Audi Q8 appeared in the first video as the hero and his wife cruised around town, viewers only got a glimpse of the vehicle’s exterior badge and a bit of the interior. The second episode didn’t feature the SUV at all, with a big semi truck being the sole vehicle.

According to the team at Road Show, Audi has also recently released teaser sketches of the Q8’s rear view on Facebook. It reportedly resembles the Lamborghini Urus, a major competitor, with an Audi twist. Like the Urus, the Q8 will reportedly be styled like a sedan with SUV capability, which will surely satisfy America’s current taste for larger utility vehicles that don’t skimp on the bells and whistles.

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There will be five total episodes in the #Q8Unleashed series, with videos released periodically on YouTube ahead of the big June 5th reveal. If you’re looking for something to watch today, there are already three episodes online.

News Source: CNet Road Show