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Audi’s New Concept Car Is Seriously Cool

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Audi Ccnnected Mobility Concept

When an automaker debuts a new concept, the dramatic shapes and new features of the vehicle amaze us, and inspire prayers that this vehicle will enter production and look as awesome as the concept. At the Beijing Auto Show this month, Audi unveiled the Audi connected mobility concept, which is actually is a pretty toned-town vehicle if you just look at the exterior (it’s pretty much just an Audi Q3). The best part about this SUV is hidden in its bumper until you look closer.

Audi connected mobility concept

That’s right, its bumper. No, it’s not a magical bumper that will stop dents when the pimply teenager behind you in traffic forgets to brake when they’re texting at the wheel. This bumper has a hidden compartment that conceals an electrically charged longboard with a range of 12 kilometers. The vehicle connects to a driver’s smartphone to look at their calendar, knowing where the driver has to be and when. Using real-time traffic data, the Audi connected mobility concept determines whether the driver should drive or use the longboard to arrive at their destination in a timely manner. If the longboard wins the fight, the Audi will find a parking space nearby and alert the driver to the change of plans. According to the automaker, once the driver switches to the longboard, the infotainment system sends navigation information back to the user’s smartphone to make sure they don’t get lost.

Audi connected mobility concept

It might be silly to get excited about the longboard, but just think of the emissions it would save if your routes are short enough to use it instead of the large car. Its storage drawer in the bumper also charges the device, meaning that  there are no extra plugs and wires to worry about, or any concerns over where to store the longboard out of the way. A press release from Audi also says that the longboard will have three modes, one of which allows it to be ridden like a scooter with a pop-up handle that has a smartphone clip. If you’re transporting items with the longboard, it can actually be programmed to follow the owner while carrying boxes or shopping bags.

Even the most skeptical of car fans has to admit that the concept might not be that exciting to look at, but it looks extremely functional. Drivers who live in large cities, often clogged by traffic, might really consider buying this luxury car if it actually came to the market.