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Audi’s New Technology Turns Bumpy Roads into Opportunities

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Audi eROT Shock Absorber System

Bumpy and rough roads are the absolute worst. Not only can they damage your vehicle, but they require intense concentration at their very worst to keep control of a jolting steering wheel. Recently, Audi has revealed a new piece of technology that could not only make riding over bumpy roads more comfortable, but worth something to your car as well.

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The new technology is called eROT, and the system would replace traditional hydraulic dampers in shock absorbers with electromechanical rotary dampers. These new dampers will allow drivers to adjust the suspension, changing the type of ride in a car, and take up less space, meaning there will be more luggage space available.

Besides increased interior space, these new dampers a have a revolutionary feature many drivers will appreciate. The dampers and wheels are attached to a motor, and the motion of the vehicle will generate electricity. In a hybrid car, this electricity can be used to further the distance that can be traveled without gas, and in traditional cars it can be used to power accessories. In a traditional gas vehicle, the engine will run more efficiently when it isn’t supporting other functions.

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According to Audi, the system, which is still in the prototype phase, generated 3 watts on a newly-paved road to 613 watts on a road that is every driver’s worst nightmare.

The automaker has declined to say when this technology can be expected to reach production line. It did indicate, though, that adding it to vehicles would be a major component of the announced electrification strategy.