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Augmented Driving App

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 The Augmented Driving App is your one-stop safety app. The unique app uses advanced real-time object detection to detect other vehicles and their distance, lane detection and departure warnings, stop-and-go assistant, speeding avoidance, and much more. Though this app is not designed to replace safety systems installed in cars, it does provide some accurate guidance about what is happening outside of your car.

The Augmented Driving App supports safer driving and even provides drivers with a safety score, evaluating their driving based on average distance to other vehicles, staying in the lane, and speed. Poor driving is reflected by a score of 0 percent, average driving earns 50 percent, and perfect driving earns 100 percent.

The app requires that your iPhone be mounted on your car’s windshield, and the modern display shows highlighted vehicles located around you and the distance and time gap between you and those vehicles. Your own lane is highlighted with dynamic overlays, and an audible signal informs drivers when they cross outside the lane.

The helpful Stop-and-Go Assistant detects stop-and-go traffic and issues audible information regarding the movement of cars around you. Speeding avoidance may save you the hassle of getting pulled over for speeding by keeping you informed of the speed limit where you are, and letting you know if you accelerate past it.

A Visual Logbook and Video MP4-Recording allows you to take screen shots and record video and stores them in your photo album, making it easy to access when you need it.

The Augmented Driving App is available in the Apple iTunes Store for $3.99 – and is well worth the price. It truly is amazing just how much this app can do.