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Austrian Tuner Turns Kia Cee’d GT into Hot Hatch of Your Dreams

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STARD Kia Cee'd GT

STARD, an Austrian tuner, has created a powerful Kia Cee’d GT for the TCR International Series

The Kia Cee’d might be known as one of Top Gear’s reasonably priced cars, but one Austrian tuner has decided to make this regular hatchback into a thing of high-performance dreams. STARD, an Austrian R&D company, is currently working on creating a powerful hatchback that is based on the Kia Cee’d GT model. This hatchback, which is normally athletic in its own right, is getting a massive boost thanks to a turbocharged powertrain and a variety of aerodynamic tweaks.

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The race-ready Cee’d is expected to get a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which churns out 330 horsepower. STARD is sending all of that power to the front wheels with a sequential transmission that has paddle shifters.

This tuned Kia Cee’d GT is expected to make its on-track debut next month at the TCR International Series. While this race isn’t as well-known as the World Touring Car Championship, it’s still going to give the Kia model some pretty major competition.

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The Cee’d will definitely have to make use of its various aerodynamic aids, which include a huge front-end splitter and massive air intakes that will cool the powerful powertrain. It also has extended side skirts, hood vents, and a roof-mounted rear wing that will help the hot hatch create enough downforce to use its powertrain to its top potential.

While Kia doesn’t sell the Cee’d on the American market, checking out this powerful hatchback makes us wish they did. Who knows? Maybe a future Kia model will take its styling cues from this European model.

VIDEO: Check Out STARD’s Kia Cee’d GT Now