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Avoid Falling from Parking Garages

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Here are some tips to keep you from fallling from parking garages.

The walls are your friends, so do not rub them the wrong way.
Photo: Jeramey Jannene under CC BY 2.0

A Lafayette married couple is in stable condition with injuries at a Louisiana hospital after ending their search for a parking spot in action movie fashion.

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A Tale of Two Elderly Stunt Artists

The driver lost control of the car, smashing through a wall of the Hampton Inn parking garage on North Causeway Boulevard in Metaire.

According to Jefferson Parish police, 73-year-old Dalton Bergeron and 71-year-old Kim Bergeron fell nearly 30 feet.

While it is fair to not attempt this on your own, the couple will have a story to share with their family and grandchildren around the dining room table on Christmas Day.

Parking Garage Safety Tips

Do not be Batman. You may be in a hurry, but driving fast and furiously in a cramped parking garage will not save the day. In fact, your reckless driving may result in the injury or death of another driver, pedestrian, or yourself. This is no laughing matter.

Leave immediately. If you are not parking and just dropping someone off, leave as soon as possible. If you are getting into a car to leave, do not use this time to fix your makeup, organize your trunk, text all your friends, and post to social media. There is likely a driver waiting for your spot to open up. Save others the road rage and drive off to your next destination.

Park slowly. As you park, take your time. If you are reverse-parking, use your mirrors and backup camera to know when your vehicle is safely inside the parking spot. There is no need to impress your passengers on how smooth and quick you are at parking your own car.

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Follow this advice, and you will avoid falling from parking garages.

Source: KATC 3