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Baby Born on I-75 in Ohio

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Daniel MacedoGiving birth in a car on the way to the hospital is probably one of the biggest nightmares an expectant mother can think of. This week it happened to Juliana Macedo and her husband, Carlos, in Dayton, Ohio. With the help of the 911 operator, the pair was able to safely deliver their son, named Daniel, on southbound Interstate 75, just miles from their Miami Valley Hospital destination.

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When Juliana went into labor, she started using an app to chart her contractions to know when it was time to go to the hospital. However, her contractions were irregular and the couple headed off to the hospital much later than they should have. On the highway, she told Carlos that they needed to stop because the baby was coming and they weren’t going to make it.

Carlos called 911 to alert emergency paramedics and get help, but when he made it to his wife’s side of the car Daniel had already arrived and was laying on Juliana’s chest. Thankfully his airways were clear, so all the operator had to do was tell Carlos what to do with the umbilical cord.

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Stories like this are somewhat rare, with about 9,000 women a year going into labor unexpectedly and having their babies in the car or at home, according to UTSouthwestern Medical Center. It’s less likely to happen to you with your first baby, but these situations are why medical professionals recommend childbirth preparation classes. It doesn’t hurt to research what to do if your bundle of joy arrives sooner than you expect.

News Source: WHIO

Emergency Childbirth Guideance: UTSouthwestern Medical Center