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Barra Says That GM Recalls Have Been “Substantially Completed”

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This has not been Mary Barra’s year. At the very beginning of 2014, she hopped into the pilot seat of a plane she did not know was going down, but boy has she held her own as she made all the necessary sacrifices to get the plane flying straight again. After nearly 29 million recalls this year, Barra is reporting that the GM recalls have been “substantially completed.”

Barra Says That GM Recalls Have Been “Substantially Completed”

GM CEO, Mary Barra, says that GM recalls have been “substantially completed.”

This comes, however, from Automotive News the same day that other news organizations have begun to report on the General’s most recent recall, affecting nearly 17,000 more models. It seems, nevertheless, that Jeff Boyer, the Barra-appointed VP of Global Safety, is being incredibly thorough and aggressive in his safety reviews, so that, going forward, there should be no doubt about the safety of a GM vehicle. That could work to the General’s advantage, as other automotive companies, while exercising their high quality safety exercises, are likely not being as extremely cautious as GM has been this year.

“We’re working hard to make sure that as new vehicles come out, they achieve even higher levels of quality and safety,” Barra announced to reporters today while in New Delhi. “We’re very focused to being industry leaders.”

Hopefully, this does indeed spell the end for GM recalls, meaning that drivers in once unsafe vehicles will now, following repairs, be secure on the road and that drivers of future GM vehicles should have no doubts about the quality of their automobiles.

Barra also announced today that GM intends to launch 40 new cars in India and other markets that don’t include the big players (China, North America, and Europe). We expect more detailed information in the near future.