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Bee Truck Overturns, Releases Swarm, Traps Deputy in His Car

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People know what to do in the event of a flipped truck full of food—just drive around the food, and (if you aren’t from DeKalb County, Alabama) don’t pick it up and eat it.

However, what are you supposed to do if, instead of food, that truck was full of, say, BEES?

Toyota helps honeybees


In Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, along I-35, a semi truck filled to the brim with honeybee hives, overturned on the side of the road. Drivers were probably surprised and panicked to get their windows up as they witness a cloud of bees rising vengefully from their smashed and ruined hives.

Then, of course, for drivers who were not present, there was this informative and not at all alarming Oklahoma Highway Patrol tweet:

One Garvin County Sheriff’s deputy became the object of the bees’ attention as he sat in his cruiser while they swarmed it. As Deputy Carl Zink sat in his cruiser, it slowly became covered in a living curtain of furious insects.

Nissan Micra

Artist’s Representation

Zink was forced to wait until the bees were cleared away before he could drive away with his fresh new phobia. Thankfully, though, Zink was uninjured, receiving only one sting. Until beekeepers were able to clear the scene, witnesses reported running into swarms of bees as far away as half a mile.

To view videos from a driver going past the accident and from inside Zink’s bee-covered patrol car, click the source link below.

News Source: KFOR